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29 Aug 2014
Installing Schema Extensions on Active Directory or ADAM from Teradata Database on Windows

I need an advice regarding Teradata schema extensions on Active Directory(AD) implementaiton strategy. 
Background: We have been asked implement Authorization (Access through External Roles) to extended already implementation of authentication(User logon using AD) of Teradata users via Active Directoy.
In order to that we need to extend the Teradata schema on AD. That can be done by using LDIFDE.EXE tool (provided with Active Directory and ADAM),which is used  to retrieve the Teradata schema extensions from the server and install them on Active Directory or ADAM.
Currently, All the Teradata systems(5) are pointing to one production Active Directory for all users authentication.
Problem:  In order to test the implementation of the Teradarta schema Extension, we have to run it on DEV and UAT AD servers (which do not have any users and are not conencted to teradata systems). With redirection of teradata system, a reboot of the box is required and downtime of the users. :(
Question: Has anyone tried or witnessed to implement the Teradata schema extension on active directory alone, without teradata system connected to it. What I am proposing is it that has anyone taken the Schema extensions files from node and tried to execute them on AD - Just to test the succcessful implementation?
Thanks for time and thoughts.

Br, Farrukh
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