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achyuthgurram 4 posts Joined 05/14
15 May 2014
Installation of Teradata on Linux

Hi All,
I want to install teradata on a linux machine. 
1) Do we have a teradata version directly for linux or do we need to install a vmware player in linux and use teradata for vmware player.
2) If we have a teradata version which can be installed directly in linux then what is the best linux operating system that we can use to get good performance from teradata.
Achyuth Gurram

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
16 May 2014

Hi Achyuth,
for testing purposes there's only the TD Express VM, so you have to install VMWare Player.
Btw, the VM runs the same OS as the "real" TD, Suse Enterprise Linux 11.


achyuthgurram 4 posts Joined 05/14
23 May 2014

Hi Dieter,
So that means "REAL" teradata is available only for SUSE enterprise linux and will not run on other versions of linux. Am I correct?
Also what will be the cost for teradata enterprise edition and where can i find its details and documentation.
Please help and Thanks for your time.
Achyuth Gurram

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
25 May 2014

Hi Achyuth,
yes, Teradata only runs on SLES.
For pricing there's


amittera 35 posts Joined 12/09
27 May 2014

Consequently pricing of any configuration is less straightforward and many factors impact Teradata end user pricing.  Dieter has already attached a pdf to help guide your group in establishing a guideline for pricing Teradata in your projects. 
Important  criteria for any pricing effort must take into after some basic information – number of users, , user concurrency, workload, data types and availability being the most basic.

Amit Saxena
Teradata Consultant

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