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Jigar 70 posts Joined 09/11
22 Jun 2012
Informatica TPT issue

Hi ,

I have a smiple mapping where I take data from Oracle database ,use expression transformation to add certain parameter values and then push it to teradata box.

Now, it is running fine when I use relational connection however whe I use TPT connection it shows all rows being processed but nothing gets inserted into table.


Any pointers to resolving it or  to Informatica TPT best practices would be appreciated :-)





ps. I believe TPT does not create any control/loader log for detailed error description.

ratchetandclank 49 posts Joined 01/08
24 Jun 2012

I am not sure how to use informatica with TPT - I believe they use TPT ODBC operator to extract the rows from Oracle (or) other databases. There will be log which is generated by TPT ODBC operator, and it should have been saved somewhere. Please look around for the log file, which will have the error description.

ratchetandclank 49 posts Joined 01/08
26 Jun 2012

Hmmm.. We should wait for somebody else who knows about informatica+TPT to comment..

Sarika 2 posts Joined 08/12
08 Aug 2012

Pls check session log and see whether the records have gone into error tables (ET1 or ET2) instead of the target table.

If not then in the session properties there is an option to specify trace file and level of tracing. Set these properties to get more information on how TPT is processing the data.

Varun.k 1 post Joined 05/13
18 May 2013

Hi Jigar,
while useing TPT through informatica i will create two error table 
like Erro_table-1,Error_table-2,
Error table-1 will have information about any error tada or rejected data.
Error table-2 :if key column data have any duplicate data these information will store Error table to 
So please session log it will help you where data getting populated :)


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