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Jigar 70 posts Joined 09/11
11 Jun 2012
Incomplete Query String in QueryText Column

Hi ,


I am working on TD 12 and noticed that DBC QRYLOG view and underlying DBQL table have incomplete query string in QueryText column ( around 200 chars ) even though datatype shows VARCHAR(10000) .


Is there any other table we can retrieve this information from or is there a property which can be tuned for this ?



ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
11 Jun 2012

It depend on the query log settings. So you can define how much chars should be logged in the qrylog table.

If SQL logging is enabled - which is often the case if the SQL is shorten for the qrylog table - you might find the SQL text in the corrosponding SQL table.

Otherwise you can ask your DBA to extend the SQL text logging for you

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Jigar 70 posts Joined 09/11
11 Jun 2012

Thanks Ulrich .

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