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05 May 2011
How to recovert Teradate Query from Windows Standby


I was running a complicated query using Teradata installed on my local laptop. But my laptop went to stand-by mode as it was closed. So, I had to re-boot my laptop. I have been running the teradata query for the last 8 hours and feel frustrated. Is there a way to recover whatever was done by the query and re-start from where it crashed?


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05 May 2011


CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
05 May 2011

Jimm wrote:
>> no


You can use a time machine and go into the past 5 min before your laptop was closed. Then you take actions in order to avoid your laptop is closed.

The problem with this procedure is that you may create a new branch in the continous space-time, a parallel universe or maybe you just destroy the universe in which we all live...



Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
06 May 2011

By way of explanation, when you rebooted your system, the IP connection was reset. When you restarted Teradata, your Teradata session was discarded because the IP session was reset; any updates backed out and spool files discarded.

Suggest you reduce your volumes, examine your query and/ or go to a bigger Teradata system - it is not a good idea to run 8 hour jobs on a Teradata Demo system.

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