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Jigar 70 posts Joined 09/11
28 Jun 2012
How to find out OS of Teradata box

One of ouy node is down and we need to figure out on which operatin system is our teradata box installed . 

Any pointers would be appreciated .

DBA is out for couple of days :)


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
28 Jun 2012

Is it a single node system?

Is the node not starting or is just Teradata down?

Can you ssh to the system?

Could you ask anyone who is doing ETL or UDFs?

There should be someone else in your company (besides the dba) who knows that :-)



Jigar 70 posts Joined 09/11
28 Jun 2012

Its a 2 node system ,with one down ( back up node has kicked in though ).

I am the one doing ETL :-)

vincebernard 5 posts Joined 11/11
28 Jun 2012

1. Use putty to connect to the live node using ssh 

2. Enter "uname -a" at the command prompt

Best Regards,
Vincent Bernard

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