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msheik4637 3 posts Joined 04/10
10 Nov 2011
How to find list of users by table name



i would like to know which DBQL tables can be used to find the list of users who are accessing a particular table from the last 3 months

Please let me know if any one has some ideas.

Also, please let me know if there is any reference guide for DBQL tables explaining each table and their use





Ashok.Pentapati 16 posts Joined 06/09
11 Nov 2011

You can use dbc.acceslog

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
15 Nov 2011

Access Logging will only capture that information if you have enabled access logging.

As for DBQL if you are retaining the object level data you can use the QryLog and QryLogObjects views (or their equivalent historical tables/views) to find the information you are seeking.

Chapter 14 of the Database Administration manual should provide some more detail on the query logging mechanism in Teradata. (

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