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04 Jun 2016
How to download and install teradata on windows 10

I am very new to the Teradata world. Have much interest to learn Teradata.
Can any one help me install "Teradata" on Windows 10. A step by step guide will be much helpful.
I tried this in Google but didnt get any useful link.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
04 Jun 2016

To run Teradata Express database on Windows you will need a VMWare server or player. The current version of the free Workstation Player should work.
Also see "Teradata Express for VMWare" articles here on Developer Exchange, and review previous posts in the "Cloud Computing" forum here.

inDiscover 2 posts Joined 06/16
06 Jun 2016

So , you mean that we need a VM ware if we need teradata to work on Windows. Cant we install teradata in linux/unix platform?.
Also could you please try to solve my below questions if possible,
I am very interested to learn this combination (informatica+teradata).
1.Is it possible to work on informatica and teradata on a windows laptop?.
2.How to install teradata on windows machine?. If not possible(I heard that it is not possible to install in windows , courtesy:google) can some help me install this is linux machine(providing a step by step guide).
3.Do we really need a linux/unix os to work on this combination(informatica + teradata).

stevebarry 8 posts Joined 08/11
07 Jun 2016

You can install Teradata on Windows 10. First you install VMWare Player (free for non commercial use), then download the virtual machine from Teradata and open it in VMWare Player. This will give you a virtual machine running SUSE Linux with Teradata DB (Express Edition) installed and running.
Here are instructions for version 14:
and for 15:
You can connect to this virtual machine from the host machine (the one running Windows 10) and do whatever you like, including connect to it to via Informatica. Informatica PowerCentre can be installed on either Windows or Linux. Informatica provide an express edition of Powercentre.

rharitha7 8 posts Joined 09/15
20 Jun 2016

can someone tell me where i can find teradata for vmware?

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20 Jun 2016


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