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prakash_nov29 3 posts Joined 04/14
29 Apr 2014
How to connect database in TD14.10

Am new to TD.. last week I downloaded TD14.10.. I don't know how to connect with database.. TD13 having teradata service control.. But TD14.10 not having that.. pls anyone give step by step process to run that..

Mikec 28 posts Joined 03/09
29 Apr 2014

Presumably, as you downloaded it, you are refering to Teradata Express 14.10 for VMWare Player. The user Guide can be found here

hhoeck 3 posts Joined 12/10
30 Apr 2014

If you're talking about the Teradata Express VMWare, then use the following:
Unix User/PW: root / root
Teradata User/PW: dbc / dbc
IP-address: just have a look to your consult within VM using ifconfig
After Linux has started within VM, just wait some seconds for Teradata RDBMS to be started. After that you can logon from outside of VM using IP and Teradata -credentials.

prakash_nov29 3 posts Joined 04/14
30 Apr 2014

am using windows 8, 64 bit version... i think VM player is for linux OS... Or the same VM player can also be used for windows 8.

wzqocp 1 post Joined 04/14
30 Apr 2014

How to connect database with SQL Assistant? what do the connect informations that are needed input including data soure name,server,mechanisiam,parameter,user,password and so on mean?

prakash_nov29 3 posts Joined 04/14
01 May 2014

i don't know the data soure name,server name,mechanisiam,parameter,user,password...? how to create that? i tried by giving new values in 64bit ODBC connection. while making ODBC connection in sql assistant am getting the error as "10061 WSA E ConnRefused: The teradata server is not accepting connections".

samra.teradata 2 posts Joined 04/14
04 May 2014

Hi , I am new in TD and have just joined some organisation . Here on this forum I have found you all are full of industrial real time experience . 
It would be great if you help me learning TD .
Many thanks in advance .
PS - Can anybody please tell me how to start a new forum .
Regards .

DaveWellman 66 posts Joined 01/06
04 May 2014

Hi Prakash,
If you are using SQL Assistant (SQLA) then you MUST define a 32bit odbc connection. SQLA is a 32-bit application and therefore uses a 32-bit odbc driver.
The name of the DSN is up to you, Teradata/SQLA don't care. Call it 'fred' if you want to.For the server name I suggest that you just use an IP address. What this is really depends on how you've setup the vm. By default (I think) they come set up to use DHCP, but the ip address range will be in one of vmplayer's 'vmnet' ranges. I usually change my vm's to use a static ip address (use YAST2 to change this) and then change the vm settings so that th enetwork connection type is 'bridged'.
If the message that you're getting is "conn refused" check that the vm is started (it probably is) and that the dbms is running inside the vm. To do this:
login to the linux os as root (password is root)
start a terminal session
type in the following command (lower case)
pdestate -a
If everything is working correctly you should see somthing like the following
DBS state is 4:logons are enabled - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(the xxxxxx bit doesn't matter)
Start with that and then we'll see what needs doing.

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