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quest 20 posts Joined 12/09
30 Jan 2013
How to check which data has an error

I am using Fast load script to load close to 7 million records into a Teradata table. Around 1k records are getting into error table (err1). I am not able to figure out which record has erroneous value?
Can anyone share on how to approach such an situation?

Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
31 Jan 2013

err1 table is created for any translation errors or constraint violations, a row containing the wrong data type would be captured in err1 table. You need to see whether the casting of the records in err1 table is possible according to the target table data type definitions. Nomrally it happens for character to integer data type conversion but there could be data/time casting issues as well...

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
03 Feb 2013

You can export the error table to see the row-content which has error.
Regards, Adeel

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