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AMIT_TERSE 17 posts Joined 08/13
08 Dec 2014
Handling Bad data

Hi All,
I have a scenario where I can get bad records in my input file and I still want that the load should not fail while those bad records should be rejected it should log the rejected records with the reason somewhere. It is possible in some database like Vertica, 
Can it be done in Teradata ? If yes pls explain.

Regards, Amit Terse
ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
08 Dec 2014

very generic question - generic answer is yes where there will be always constrains.
For example does TPT update handle data type issues but still requires static number of columns...
You won't get a good answer if you don't get more specific.

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AMIT_TERSE 17 posts Joined 08/13
09 Dec 2014

For eg : I am trying to load a flat file of 10 records using TPT in teradata and records 3 and 5 have some problem like bad data or wrong number of columns . I want my load should not fail and load 8 records , rejecting 2 records(3 and 5). while the 2 records rejected should be log some where with the reason for rejection. How can this be handled.?

Amit Terse

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