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AMIT_TERSE 17 posts Joined 08/13
30 Aug 2013
Exporting around 3 TB of data from Teradata

Hi all,
I want to Export 3 TB of data from Teradata in flat file or in other format. Please help me with the best resolution for the same. We tried using Fast Export but it takes longer time. Please share your views along with the time estimate for Exporting 3 TB of data.

Regards, Amit Terse
dhirajpalse 36 posts Joined 01/08
02 Sep 2013

Have you tried TPT export? This would enhance the performance of exporting huge data compared to standalone Fexport script.
You would be able to deffine multiple instances based on your system config in TPT Export script and maximize the performance. Each instance in turn has its own number of sessions leveraging Teradata parallelism.
Can't give you time exstimation for this activity as it depends on many factors such as your system config, instances/sessions defined in script, network parameters.


AMIT_TERSE 17 posts Joined 08/13
17 Sep 2013

Hi Dhiraj,
I have tried using TPT Export and have produced 10 files of around 12 GB each by passing the date ranges.
Let me know if you have any better approach than this.

Amit Terse

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
03 Oct 2013

Hi Amit,
How about increasing to the maximum sessions? Also you can contact the DBA how he allocates the utilities(mload, fastload....) , session management.
Thanks and regards,

Raja K Thaw
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Tdarc1 14 posts Joined 02/12
03 Oct 2013

Amit, Since Data volume  is high  i can suggest you  to work wih your DBA and export it to a Tape drive. It may take approximately 5 hours on a multi node parallel processing system. Speed completely depends upon your system architecture.

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