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dsnaveen 6 posts Joined 07/10
04 Oct 2010
ETL jobs hanging


We do have a below update query, we do not have any PI or USI in WHERE clause.

UPDATE target_table SET col_b = :a WHERE col_c = :ix;

We do execute the above query from DataStage.

They are 30 countries which are started in intervals of 1 minute.

Most of the time ETL jobs use the above query at a time which results in hanging.
Due to which each ETL job will take long time to complete.

Please let me know any resolution/suggestion for this.

Thank You,

gotuchintu 32 posts Joined 12/05
19 Oct 2010

Do you have Explain plan for the same.

Somnath Roy

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
20 Oct 2010

A few questions to help get a better understanding of the situation and may to spark some more conversation:

How many iterations of this update statement are being run as part of the ETL job?
Are you updating a primary index field or otherwise indexed column?
Do you have RI constraints in place on this table (particularly this column)?
Are you seeing blocking (deadlock) issues in Teradata Manager or Viewpoint created by the overlapping intervals as a result of the "poor" performance of the original update?

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