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Siddhu.85 1 post Joined 08/15
07 Aug 2015
enable encryption in odbc.ini file

We are using Teradata TTU from our Linux(Red Hat 6) server to connect to teradata via Ab Initio tool.
We are trying to enable encryption in the network layer of connection from our Linux server to Teradata server.
So to do this from my research and analysis, we were able to figure out that we need to add "UseDataEncryption=YES".
I am not sure in which odbc.ini file it should be added.
Should that be added with "/etc/odbc.ini" or is there another odbc.ini file where this needs to be added.
I am an Ab Initio Developer with no DBA knowledge, so any help would be very helpful.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
08 Aug 2015

The one being used to make the connection...
More specifically, search order is

  1. Fully qualified filename value from ODBCINI environment variable (need not even be called odbc.ini)
  2. User-specific hidden file (note leading dot) in the user's home directory ~/.odbc.ini
  3. System-wide default /etc/odbc.ini


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