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02 Mar 2010
Educating Teradata Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Something I think we have all experienced are calls from recruiters explaining a job to you and you wishing the recruiter knew what they were talking about rather than waffle on about something they clearly know nothing about!

Air your experiences and views as I am always looking to learn and would be a great chance to share your experiences both good and bad!

02 Mar 2010

Recruiters typically handle many job openings concurrently, mostly for multiple clients, and they act on the information provided by their client(s). They cannot possibly be an expert on every IT position they work on, so they skim resumes for keywords to decide if they want to continue with the candidate. Then they read the candidate's profile to better match the candidate to the defined need. From there they look for skills and accomplishments that make a candidate stand out. Recruiters are generally measured on the quality and sometimes quantity of candidates they send to a hiring authority. In most instances they are not subject matter experts. Their understanding of a specific skill set is limited to the detail provided to them by a hiring authority, and the time they want to personally invest in learning what a particular technology/skill set is really all about.

Add to this reality that everything a recruiter does is time sensitive, that they have no idea when they call if you are a passive or active candidate, if there are special circumstances surrounding your job search or you are just a shopper, and it is easy to understand why recruiters seemingly don't get it right, right from the get go.

Hope this helps...

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02 Mar 2010

Very well put!

I suppose fake jobs as a way to gather leads is very common amongst the more 'cowboy' recruitment consultants and some of the horror stories ive heard are shocking! And your right, we are judged on the quality of candidate for a particular role. Recently a company searched for 3 months using a 'preferred supplier' and ended up so frustrated they called me and I got them the BEST candidate in 3 hours!!

I supose like anything, you get what you pay for...

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03 Mar 2010

Who posts fake leads these days???? This country is in a recession...their are more folks out of work than carter got liver It is true that most recruiters are working on more than one opportunity, and I must say that I specialize in placing Teradata and AMDOCS professionals and my clients are tending to give me more jobs with less information (pay rate especially, and location in some instances). I am also seeing more requests to build a pipeline for upcoming projects so that when the project is ready to be staffed, they have already chosen the consultants they are looking to work on their projects.

This market is ever changing and technical consultants have to understand that recruiters are working with less and less information these days.

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