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natali 16 posts Joined 02/14
14 Feb 2014
Difference between TeradataForum and Forums.Teradata

Just a confusion whats the difference between following two websites
second one looks more new and updated but i guess other one is also running. which one should be used?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
14 Feb 2014

When you read the FAQs at, you'll notice that it's a private forum (email list) run by John Hall. 
It's way older than Teradata's DevEx forum and stillone of the best sources of Teradata knowledge.


Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
15 Feb 2014

You can use which ever you wish too .... am sure you will get the answers of your questions.

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jhall 1 post Joined 02/14
16 Feb 2014

The TeradataForum is independently owned and is not, in any fashion, related to Teradata the company or the 'forums.teradata' website.  While having a largely similar goals, there is a different feel between the two of them.  I believe that the two forums largely share the same membership.

Where the 'forums.teradata' website is browser-based, the TeradataForum is based on e-mail.  At the time that the TeradataForum began (in 1999), most forums were e-mail based.  Even though most forums are now browser-based, I've kept the e-mail format for two reasons:

- Not everybody is permitted access to browser-based forums.  As strange as it seems, there are many companies that either block or severely limit the internet access of their employees.  While this can also be true of e-mail access, it seems that most companies give their employees greater freedom via mail.

- I also think that e-mail tends to promote discussion - but that's just my opinion.

Another key difference is that the TeradataForum is moderated.  This is a pain in the backside for everybody because it delays posts.  I've kept moderation for several reasons:

- When a post goes from the TeradataForum to its members, it effectively interrupts several thousand people (every post goes to all members).  I want to respect the time of those members and the fact that they are busy.  I want to make sure that there's some kind of substance to the posts to help justify the interruption.

- I want to assure that the TeradataForum is free of all marketing, solicitations, product/service recommendations, vapourware and self-promotions.  The focus is on the technical aspects of the core Teradata products.

- If a post is extremely simple or basic, I answer the post myself.  If the question is poorly asked or unlikely to get a response, I'll try to work with the OP to improve their chance of getting an answer.  If the question has been asked on a regular basis (like transposing columns), I'll direct the OP to the TeradataForum Archives.

- If I see the same question posted on both forums (cross-posting), I block the post on the TeradataForum.  As I said before, I want to respect my members time and not disturb them pointlessly.

- I also block anything suspicious.  For example, I often get posts where a person will ask a question as Anomy.Anom and then send an answer from their regular e-mail.  Sometimes the two e-mails are sent so quickly, that I see the answer before the question arrives.  I guess they're trying to build a reputation.

I think both forums are valuable to the Teradata community and whether you select one or both is largely a matter of your needs.

And Dieter: Thank you for the kind words.
       John Hall


natali 16 posts Joined 02/14
17 Feb 2014

great info. thanks guys!


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