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reena2485 3 posts Joined 09/14
01 Oct 2014
Difference between business calendar and calendar functions in teradata

I am exploring the difference between business calendar and calendar function in teradata. As per my understanding and exploration done so far, I have found that, the result of business calendar function vary for calendar types i.e. Terdata, ISO or Compatible. But in case of calendar functions,  they produce result on the basis of Teradata calendar type. Even if the teradata session has set ISO as a default calendar type, calendar functions will give result on the basis of teradata calendar. This is not applicable for business calendar functions as their result depends on which calendar type is set.
Please update, If comething needs to be corrected in my understanding. Also I would like to know other differences between business calendar and calendar functions in teradata.
Any suggestions/help would be highly appreciated.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
02 Oct 2014

I think once you execute CreateBusinessCalendarPattern and put the settings, there , then all you need to do is mentioned specifically say for ISO , you need to  have in your query, else it will take TD as default. Can you try that?
It will be good if you show what steps you have done and what results or errors you get. 

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