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Purushotham 87 posts Joined 04/14
16 Oct 2014
Could anyone pls tell me how can we get sorted results without using order by clause

Hi Everyone,
Could anyone please tell me how can we get sorted result without using ORDER BY CLAUSE...
hope i can get answer soon from you....

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
16 Oct 2014

What scenario you encountered?
If not so
Hmmm perfect,quality wheels are fitted for car in order that it runs as  per the steering and take you to your required destination and you don't want that. Do you want to reinvent the wheel?
In my mind's eyes, udf in c,c++, java.But those wheels(udfs) may run on specific roads. I m scared if problems occur to my car due to wheels ---into a ditch,especially night time or lonely places :) being alone wuf!!! Just kidding :)

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gerardo 13 posts Joined 10/09
20 Oct 2014

I don't understand why you do not want to use order by ..
but id you add  at the end of the SQL
qualify csum(1,  column_1 (desc) , column_2 (desc) , ...) > 0
this will return the answer order by colum_1, column_2 ...

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