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sindizzy 1 post Joined 11/14
04 Nov 2014
Copy records from Teradata to SQL Server

I have a VB2012 application that I have successfully setup to connect to our Teradata server. I have set it up using the data adapter for .NET. With my testing I can hit the Teradata db via the TdDataReader or TdDataAdapter (resultsing in a DataTable) and all that is working great. Now I have to take these records and pump them into a SQL Server 2014 table. I will do this on a daily basis and maybe insert about 20 records a day so the process is not too intensive.
Anyway I have experience in reading from SQL Server but little in taking the Teradata records and writing them to the SQL server. Are there any examples anyone can point me to? The records have about 15 fields. I just need a sample to get me started if anyone knows of a good resource.

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