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sirdimko1981 3 posts Joined 02/12
16 Mar 2012
Copy DB with ArcMain


I use ArcMain for restore databases (COPY DICTIONARY TABLE).

ArcMain executes with the error:

9011 Table being Archived/Restored/Copied
was dropped by some other transaction.
Explanation: The table that is being
Archived/Restored/Copied has been dropped by some
other transaction. This can happen when the HUT Lock
is released using RELEASE LOCK statement allowing
for Drop Table.
Generated By: ModifyTblHdr.
For Whom: End Users.
Remedy: This is a user error. User must not release the
HUT LOCK and drop table while Arc/Restore/Copy is
in progress.

Before this point, I saw ~ 1000 warnings: *** Warning ARC1239:Orphan dictionary row discarded.

But Nobody deletes any table and does not remove Hut locks!!!

What is this?. 



HP 14 posts Joined 05/08
27 Jul 2012

I am getting the same error, However there is a workaround to this, which is prepare the arc script with tablenames, instead of dbname. Please let me know if anyone has figured this one out ....


ZhangJiahao 2 posts Joined 12/13
27 Dec 2013

I am faced with the same question.How to handle it.Thanks.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
28 Dec 2013

It reminds me , when I used to work with other products, that when we were at our wits' end, then we call the customer care to help. But  we were partners for those products. I think if you are customer, you can call.

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