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Pinky_Jain 2 posts Joined 07/16
14 Jul 2016
Converting Time stamp in UTC including Day light Saving

Hi All,
Please can anybody help me out with below query.
We are receving timestamp values from our server which is located in UK right now.We need to convert all the timestamp values in UTC for our reports.
As per my understanding,UK will be in BST during Summers and will be in GMT, the rest of the year.
The UTC and GMT timestamp are same and hence during winters we do not need any conversion but during summer time ,we need to subtract 1 hour from the received timestamp.
Is there a commom function or method to identify the BST period and convert time during that period.
Highly appreciate any help on this.

david.craig 73 posts Joined 05/13
14 Jul 2016

The query is not attached. In any case, it sounds like Teradata support needs to assist in the timezone rules configuation settings in DBSControl, tdlocaledef and the gettimezonedisplacement UDF.

Pinky_Jain 2 posts Joined 07/16
15 Jul 2016

We have not yet generated the query since we are not able to convert the UK BST time in UTC?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
17 Jul 2016

You get a timestamp with daylight savings but without the time zone? How do you know the actual time for '2016-10-30 01:30:00'?
You might try SET TIME ZONE  'europe western' for the session. 


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