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sunnysteve 13 posts Joined 10/13
01 Sep 2014
Can any help me out with the difference between ETL and ELT

I am studying an article and confused with ETL and ELT strategy.Can any one help me with comparing the following parameters network bandwidth,cpu,I/o,perm space,spool space kinds if things.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
01 Sep 2014

Mostly proprietary ETL tools perform ETL task on a row-by-row basis. So performance will be hit. So think of the advantage of doing voluminous transformation(T) at the target server, performing set processing. In this way , the network traffic is hugely reduced.I/O contention will be reduced for bulk load. Many  ELT tools too work well with event-based data.Few ETL tools have Pushdown optimization techniques. Need to see the best of breed :)

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