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niranjan_nr000 5 posts Joined 05/13
01 Jul 2013
AWT: Amp Worker Tasks used by Utilities

Hi All,
Could anyone help me out on how many AWTS are used by the below utilities:
2) Fast Load
3) Multiload

Niranjan R. E:
hilloldatta 1 post Joined 11/13
28 Apr 2015

Please find below the number of Awt used by each utilty

FastLoad or TPT Load

Phase 1: 3 AWTs per AMP
Phase 2: 1 AWT per AMP

MultiLoad or TPT Update

Acquisition Phase: 2 AWTs per AMP
Apply Phase: 1 AWT per AMP

Anilnandala 16 posts Joined 03/14
28 Apr 2015

can any one clearly explain how each awt will be used in different phases for these utilities.

niranjan_nr000 5 posts Joined 05/13
23 Dec 2015

Thank you Hiloldatta

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