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spidermonk 9 posts Joined 11/12
03 Apr 2013
Automated scripts to import flat files into Teradata??

I'm looking for ideas or a way to create a script that will take a flat file & import into a Teradata table with minimal effort.  I've used the Atanasuit FastLoad Wizard but there's too much manual set up for our environment.
We have multiple projects that each contain a number of tables.   The tables structures themselves are constant from one project to another.  I was hoping, if possible, to write a template that mirrors one of the import utilities. 
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Bill

KS42982 137 posts Joined 12/12
03 Apr 2013

I'd suggest TPT, it would be faster and efforts to setup that up is not much too.
Also, if your tables are going to have the same structure from one project to another, you could parameterize the database name in your fastload/mload and use something like an envionment file to keep the actual database names. So when you call your script using say, UNIX, it would run for the database name mentioned in that file. When you need to change the project, all you need to do is to change the database name in the file or create another file with the new database name. No need to change your load scripts.

spidermonk 9 posts Joined 11/12
03 Apr 2013

thanks....I'll give that a shot

thisisKumar 13 posts Joined 09/11
24 Apr 2013

Hi Bill, can you please let me know if this worked for you or is there any other soltuion to it?
I have a similiar situation like this: I have created a topic for the same.
I do not have TPT installed on my machine.

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