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atalukder 16 posts Joined 01/12
15 May 2012
Any idea on what "improperly formatted directed request" means in restore Job Failure?

Hello Professionals,

We are getting an error 8246 "Improperly formatted directed request" when attempt a restore from tapes moved from prod to test environment.

We physically move the tape from the prod tape library to the test tape library. In the past, this method worked when on V12. Now on V13.10, it does not work. If the restore occurs on the same prod environment there is no issue- restores from virtual 3490E work on same environment. If we copy tape from virtual to physical 9840C or move actual 9840C tape, or copy to virtual 3490E tape in Test environment =all methods fail. Only if we put STORCLASS=NOVTS, using virtual tape and NDM copy this virtual tape to a virtual 3490E tape on Test, does the restore work.

For failed jobs, it mounts the tape, begins an archive but stops when starts to pull the data with this format error. "Failure 8246: Improperly formatted directed request" - Has anyone else seen it before?. Does anyone know how to resolve it? We think it is within the archive restore job and how it accepts formatting now in release V13.10.

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
17 May 2012

Please raise an incident with Teradata support.

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