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DateTime format in XMLELEMENT function Topic by andydoorey 11 Dec 2013

I am trying to use the XMLELEMENT function to publish the current timestamp in a standard XML format.
I'm running code like this:

select sysxml.xmlelement ('xyz','','',cast(current_timestamp as timestamp with time zone))x

 from mytable

sample 1



I get the output:

<xyz>2013-12-11 11:31:45350000</xyz>


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Teradata Appliance for Hadoop Topic by Raja_KT 12 Nov 2013

How is Teradata Appliance for Hadoop different from DM Aplliance, Extreme DA, DW DA and AEDW? Is it specifically for Hadoop only or it can contain all? And how does it relate to Aster?
Thanks and regards,

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Call SP,bteq or shell script from a Java or C++ UDF? Topic by EA230039 24 Oct 2013

Can I call an SP, run a bteq or shellscript from inside a UDF?
I'm currently working at a migration project from Oracle to TD, and they have some operational reports that are called from the Publisher of OBIEE through Oracle Function Tables, something like this:
- The user log from Web application and executes the report

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Java UDF and Socket (TCP/UDP) Connections Topic by dc352 14 Oct 2013 java, udf, sockets, configuration

We need to make UDP connections from Java UDF functions to run some external processing. This processing is multithreaded and we can serve up to 100 concurrent requests.
The problem we experience is that the Teradata server does not open more than 2 UDP/IP connections at any one time. 
Is there a configuration parameter for that? If so, how can we change it?

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Multiple output streams from a Java table operator Topic by MarkMarsh 04 Oct 2013 java, Table Operator

I'm trying to build a table operator that writes to multiple tables. The documentation for the table operator shows support for multiple output streams but when I try to define a second stream in the contract function I get the message that the definition has already been set (Failed [7810 : HY000] Columns definition was already set.) when executing the second setOutputInfo().

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External C++ Stored Procedures reading files Topic by Rahul 28 Sep 2013

Can someone please provide an example of an external stored procedure in C++ which can read files from disk and process that data in the C++ procedure ? This procedure will need to be called from SQL like a normal C++ external stored procedure - e.g. call my_external_cpp_proc();
Where should the files be located ?

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XML Service version 13 error and XML service 14 installation fail Topic by emilwu 03 Jul 2013

I noticed this error for long time for version 13.0 and surprisingly nobody complained or try to fix. . When you try to install the XML service , you will see an error complaining verify_as_shred_u.bteq does not exist. After digging into the folders, under TeradataXML_LINUX_v13.10.00.01\udfs\12.0 folder, you will see a file named as verify_as_shread_U.bteq

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DYNAMIC RESULT SETS and Teradata versions Topic by Israfil 17 Sep 2013 'DYNAMIC RESULT SETS'

I have a Java Stored Procedure created using the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse, which works perfectly on Teradata V13.
But when I try to install it on Teradata V12 I receive the message
LANGUAGE JAVA *** Failure 3706 Syntax error: Java Language does not support DYNAMIC RESULT SETS in this release. Statement# 1, Info =183

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Installed XML Services on 13.10 Linux Topic by GETeraTiger 08 Jul 2013 xml, cliv2, u0027

Finally got the install to work with help from the documents on here.  When I try to generate a canonical schema using the SYSXML.GEN_QUERY_CANONICAL_SCHEMA procedure, i get the following error:
  U0027: Failed to create a CLI connector.
                Statement# 1, Info =0

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a problem about teradata UDFS Topic by trageman 08 May 2013 teradata table udf

When I read the teradata documents, in the section about Table UDF, I was confused by the statement "The number and data types of the output parameters can be specified statically in the CREATE FUNCTION statement or dynamically at runtime in the SELECT statement that invokes the table function."

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REGEXP_REPLACE Topic by TD_DEV245 19 Sep 2012 regexp_replace, td_sysfnlib

   I am not able to view the source code for regexp_replace using show function
when i give SHOW FUNCTION TD_SYSFNLIB.REGEXP_REPLACE i get error stating that 'cannot find find best fit function'.But this function is present in TD_SYSFNLIB Database with no requesttext.

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XML Services on Express 14.0 -- trouble in install Topic by grommel 05 Dec 2012

I'm trying to install XML Services on my TD Express instance. Here's the setup:
Windows 7, 64-bit (host)
VMware Player 5.0.1
TD Express for VMware 14.0, 40GB
TD XML Services 13.10 (TeradataXML_LINUX_v13.10.00.01)

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Table degeneration and amp data arrangement Topic by wicik 12 Jun 2013 table degeneration, amp data

Hi everyone,
How to check if table is degenerated or not?
- If so, than how to pix it or what tool should I use?
How to check are the data on amps/nodes arranged properly? (splited up equally?)
- If so, what tool shoudl I use to fix it?

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How to create java UDFs in teradata with table returned and the returned table's column numbers are variable Topic by trageman 07 May 2013 java table udf judf eclipse

I want to create a java UDF in teradata, its return is table. My UDF's function is to read a input and return a table.
The input is splited to multi column by a delimter. For instans, the input's format is "1|1|1", the delimter is "|", so the return table has 3 columns, but when the input's format is "1|1|1|1", the table has 4 columns. Anyway, the table's column number is variable.

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How to create java Topic by trageman 07 May 2013
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Geospatial features were available as external UDFs in TD 12? Topic by RK186024 18 Apr 2013 geospatial

I heard someone saying that Geospatial functions introduced TD13 onwards were available as external UDFs in the earlier versions. I have been asked to compare the metrics of using these External UDFs and native Geospatial features. My problem is that I have been looking for any examples of such external UDFs but have been unsuccessful.

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Unable to import Geo Data with TDGeoImport Topic by Yvonne 15 Aug 2012

Hi all,

I have exported GEO Data succesfully with TDGeoExport, but I'm not able to import this data into another System:


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UDF compiled but fails to run "corrupt stack frame" Topic by JackSparrow 30 Oct 2012

I was able to create UDF, following TD_GENERAL style. But it throws error when i try to run it with message "corrup stack frame". I have shared my code. This code is to remove all characters from a string. I am new to C, please let me know if you know where the issue is.

Teradata function:


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Error while exporting data into ESRI shapefile using TDGeoExport Topic by TDshyam 02 Oct 2012 tdgeospatial, tdgeoimportexport, tdgeoexport, st_geometry table export

I am trying to Export data from a table to shapefile(i.e  .shp file) using TDGEOIMPORTEXPORT which runs through java,  When I am running this ( C:\TdGeoImportExport\bin>java -Xms256m -Xmx512m  -classpath .;"c:\Program Files\
Teradata\Tdat\LTDBMS\bin\terajdbc4.jar";"c:\Program Files\Teradata\Tdat\LTDBMS\b

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otranslate UDF returns nulls when hexadecimal values are used Topic by TD_DEV245 27 Sep 2012 udf, otranslate, characterset

 I am using OTRANSLATE UDF to remove control characters.I am using it in the following format

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SYSXML.XMLELEMENT FUNCTION Topic by TDDeveloper 15 Aug 2012

I am adding an element of string content using the above function.  What I was hoping is that the string content to be cleaned or converted to entities of characters that are not otherwise valid within XML document.  But this is not happening. Any suggestions please?

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BLC Utility Topic by butchec 19 Jul 2012

After downloading the utility, none of the scripts can be opened.  Any clues?


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Fast Path UDF -- REGEXP_REPLACE not working with Slashes Topic by Claradata 16 Jul 2012 regexp_replace, select failed. 9134, the pattern specified is not a valid pattern

Database: 14.0

Situation: REGEXP_REPLACE function is not accepting slashes (\) in a regular expression string and replace with empty spaces. I checked the manuals and it is no where listed that we can't search for slashes as regular expression and replace with another character or empty spaces.

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Data Migration from Oracle (Data Import) Topic by Kris_Kaza 03 Aug 2010 oracle data_pump teradata+import

Dear All

I have just registered to Teradata forum and very new. If my question is posted under wrong section sincere apologies.

In one of our current project data is extracted from 1200 source tables (Residing on Oracle 10G), data is extracted using Oracle Data_Pump + PLSQL into a dump file (.dmp or .exp) and imported into Oracle Target 1200 tables using Oracle PLSQL. Just an overnight CDC from source. No transformation of Data.

We do have intentions to move our Target across to Teradata. When this happens,

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Java UDFs in Teradata Express 13 & Windows XP - An errors-prevention guide Topic by ayman.guc 23 Jan 2012 java, udf, windows xp, teradata express 13, authorization, errors

So you are testing or developing in a Teradata Express 13 or a general Teradata environment and you are anxious to integrate your Java code into your Teradata DB using Java UDF extensibility...just to find yourself in an errors-headache with things like:

- 7583 The secure mode processes had a set up error

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