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emilwu 72 posts Joined 12/07
03 Jul 2013
XML Service version 13 error and XML service 14 installation fail

I noticed this error for long time for version 13.0 and surprisingly nobody complained or try to fix. . When you try to install the XML service , you will see an error complaining verify_as_shred_u.bteq does not exist. After digging into the folders, under TeradataXML_LINUX_v13.10.00.01\udfs\12.0 folder, you will see a file named as verify_as_shread_U.bteq
rename file to lowercase u easily resolved the issue. 
Now for the 14.0. the installation failed, digging into log here is the error message in log/createStub.out


 OUT resultx INTEGER




 EXTERNAL NAME 'SP!CLI!SP!/home/tdatuser/xml/TeradataXML. libxa';


 *** Create procedure completed with error(s).

 *** Warning: 5603 Errors encountered in compiling UDF/XSP/UDM/UDT/JAR.

 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.


Errors/Warnings reported during compilation

------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------

/usr/bin/gcc -D_REENTRANT -D_LIBC_REENTRANT  -I /opt/teradata/client/13.10/

include  -I/usr/tdbms/etc -L /opt/teradata/client/13.10/lib64  -L/usr/tdbms

/lib  -fpic -c Teradata_new_delete.cpp

/usr/bin/gcc -D_REENTRANT -D_LIBC_REENTRANT  -I /opt/teradata/client/13.10/

include  -I/usr/tdbms/etc -L /opt/teradata/client/13.10/lib64  -L/usr/tdbms

/lib   -fpic -c  pre_stub_xalanMsg_p.c

/usr/bin/gcc -shared -fpic -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker /usr/tdbms/lib -Wl,--ve

rsion-script=/var/opt/teradata/tdtemp/UDFTemp/ 0516.16380.61B5cce/UserUdf_ve

rsions.scr -D_REENTRANT -D_LIBC_REENTRANT  -I /opt/teradata/client/13.10/in

clude  -I/usr/tdbms/etc -L /opt/teradata/client/13.10/lib64  -L/usr/tdbms/l

ib  -o  Teradata_new_delete.o pre_stub_xalanMsg_p.o  -

lcliv2  /home/tdatuser/xml/TeradataXML.  -ludf  -

lm -ljil -lstdc++

gcc: /home/tdatuser/xml/TeradataXML. No such fil

e or directory

make: *** [] Error 1

/var/opt/teradata/tdtemp/UDFTemp/0516.16380.61B5cce/ c

annot open shared object file: No such file or directory


any ideas??

spandrangi 2 posts Joined 04/09
04 Sep 2013

The error:
/home/tdatuser/xml/TeradataXML. No such file or directory
suggests that the library in question did not get uploaded successfully to all the database nodes. Please check the directory on all the nodes to see if the files were successfully uploaded. There are instructions in the Orange Book (Section 3.6 Installation Verification) for doing this. The Orange Book is included in the zip file you downloaded. There are also instructions to make sure all the nodes are synced up.
The /home/tdatuser/xml/TeradataXML<version> directory should contain 4 library files:
If these libraries are on some nodes but not on others the pcl -send commands described in section 3.6 should sync them up. If they are missing on all the nodes, one option is for you to manually copy the libraries to that directory on the nodes. The libraries are included in the zip file under the directory lib/TD12.
Once you confirm that these libraries are in place on all the nodes, drop the user SYSXML and run the install scripts again.

emilwu 72 posts Joined 12/07
21 Sep 2013

got it... the package still has that typo on the file name _U /_u. 
I think pcl -send is not documented well. the file is under lib/TD12
and these shared libraries should be send to all nodex before running the perl

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