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jcmerceronhome 4 posts Joined 09/10
30 Sep 2010
XML Service - publishing special character XML


we try to publish xml document but special characters are not correctly transformed by the stored procedure publish_lob_ref.

The query string gets column like comments which contain some special character like < > ' " & .
When we use the publish_lob_ref procedure with the query, the result of the xml document doesn't transform the special character and so the xml document is not valid.

Special character should become like that :

< should be transformed in <
> should be transformed in >

does anyone know the solution to correctly transform those characters ? is there a special configuration to use publish_lob_ref to get a valid xml document ?


jcmerceronhome 4 posts Joined 09/10
02 Oct 2010

1 sec ago

html correctly transforme special character.
I 'd like to show that :
< should be transformed in & lt
> should be transformed in & gt

xml services should transform as i show but it doesn't run like that.
do you know why ? what config apply ?

thanks in advance.

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