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vennelakanti00 3 posts Joined 11/11
19 Apr 2012
Unpacking BLOB column data which is java encrypted using an UDF


We have BLOB column which is java encrypted at application layer before loading into source db. We are bringing this data into TD. We want to unpack that data through an UDF. Is it possible to create such UDF on teradata? If so, can someone provide some input to start with?

Also, what kind of performance issues we can anticipate with this UDF? The table is huge and getting ~70M records per daya and we have heavy analytical use-cases on this data.

Any help is appreciated.


ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
20 Apr 2012


It would be good to get some more infos from your side. 

Which algorithm is used to encrypt the data?

Is only key used for all data?

Should the key be embedded in the function? Or should the key be an input parameter?

Do you want to encrypt and store the decrypted data? Or do you want to decrypt on the fly, do some analysis and only store analysis results?

I would expect that it is in general possible but you need to check the performance as Java UDFs are running in protected mode always – which has some impact on CPU consumption. And decryption can be resource intensive on its own.

Let me know if you want to discuss this in more detail offline.


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