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14 Mar 2014
Unable to load ESRI shape files using TDGeoImport - Validating layers failed



I am trying to load ESRI shape files in to Teradata using TDGeoImportExport utility. However, I am facing the below issue "Validating layers failed" and not able to resolve it.


I am using the following configuration - Teradata 14.10, TDGeoImportExport 1.6 for windows 7, 32-bit.


Thanks in advance!


****************************************************** **************************


Logon       = <Database>/<User Id>,<Password>

Data Source = <Directory>

LayerName = <Shape file name>;

connecting to <Database> ... connected! GetLayerByName failed for <Shape file name>;

        at com.teradata.geo.GeoLayerImportHelper.SetLayerName(Geo LayerImportHelp

        at com.teradata.geo.TDGeoImport.validateAll(TDGeoImport.j ava:948)

        at com.teradata.geo.TDGeoImport.main( 1177)

Validating layers failed.


Data importing failed!


****************************************************** **************************

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