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hvganipineni 14 posts Joined 09/09
09 Oct 2010

Hi, I am unable to get a valid response from the stored procedure SP_REGISTER_STYLESHEET. I am trying to register my style sheet as follows
call sysxml.sp_register_stylesheet ('shredexample', 'D:\etdbc\Personal Data\Downloads\transform.xsl',rvalue)
and its always giving me the error
Cannot access the url.

Please let me know if any of you have successfully registered the stylesheet.


Harsha Ganipineni
jcmerceronhome 4 posts Joined 09/10
11 Oct 2010


you have to put the name of xsl file in another file, then load the text file by SQL Teradata Assistant in import mode.
For example, the text file named xslfile.txt is in the same directory of your xsl file. It simply contains transform.xsl (and carriage return !!)

it should be better.


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