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Ian Russell 11 posts Joined 08/10
02 Oct 2015

I am trying to issue a SHOW FUNCTION on this UDF

In Teradata Administrator I get - 9134 Show function is not supported for Fast Path UDFs
In SQL Asst I get - 5593:  Cannot determine the best-fit function for 'instr'. 
I am trying to deploy a view that uses INSTR through UNITY - which says it cannot parse this view.
I amUnity does not support non deterministic functions and I want to see the function definition to know if it is deterministic or not.

The manuals do not have this information.

Glass 225 posts Joined 04/10
06 Oct 2015

did you try 'show' on a function executon statement.
I'm not able to test but it might work.

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