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akuroda 7 posts Joined 05/09
27 Dec 2013
SHA-2 UDFs for Teradata

Hi all,
I just released SHA-2 UDFs (SHA-256/512) to GitHub.
-- Akira Kuroda

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
29 Dec 2013

Very good. Keep sharing your ideas.

Raja K Thaw
My wiki:
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vc311571 1 post Joined 04/10
25 Jan 2014

Does it can support unicdoe?

akuroda 7 posts Joined 05/09
02 Feb 2014

Hi Victor,


No Unicode support for now.  Do you have any ideas about those issues below?


- I'm not sure about the use case. Could you tell me how you are going to use?


- We need a separate function name as Teradata doesn't allow overloading Latin and Unicode UDFs. I'm not sure what the appropreiate name for that function... hash_sha256u()?


- In Teradata, the Unicode character is not stored as UTF-8 or UTF-16. That may cause some confusion if we compared the hash value generated by other programs.




-- Akira Kuroda

asabitov 1 post Joined 09/10
03 Feb 2014

session character set utf8
sel hash_sha1(udf_utf16to8('Москва'))
result is the same as in Oracle - just found for ourself issue :)
Regards, Alexander

akuroda 7 posts Joined 05/09
20 Apr 2014

Thanks Alexander,
I tried Unicode Took Kit and seems fine. I added FAQ to the GitHub's wiki. See
-- Akira

tonez01 6 posts Joined 08/10
15 Feb 2016

Hi All,
An old thread but was hoping to get some input as to whether it's safe to run these UDFs in unprotected mode?  I've tested them a fair bit in protected  mode and they run fine.  Has anyone experience any reboots/issues when running in Unprotected mode?
thanks in advance.

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