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akuroda 7 posts Joined 05/09
12 Apr 2014
sequence generator UDF

Hi all,


I just released sequence generator UDF to GitHub.




select * from table(gen_sequence(2,4)) as t;



-- Akira Kuroda

dudu.markovitz 2 posts Joined 10/12
26 Dec 2014

Hello :-)
I wrote a 'generate_rows' UDF with the same basic ideas that Akira presented in is 'gen_sequence' UDF code.
I wanted to verify that we can trust AMP ID's to be consecutive numbers. 
For example -
Assuming we have a system of 144 AMPs.
Can we trust AMP ID's to be 144 consecutive numbers in the range 0..143?
What happans in a case of an AMP failure (let say AMP ID 12) ? Would the UDF still run? would there be a gap in the range of AMP ID's? 
Dudu (David) Markovitz

dudu.markovitz 2 posts Joined 10/12
26 Dec 2014

Just to be clear -
I'm aware that Akira doesn't count on the AMP ID's to be consecutive numbers,
I'm just curious about this issue.

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