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Sayandeep 7 posts Joined 04/12
16 Sep 2014
process AL3 XML (insurance standard xml) in td

Using XML service its possible to load xml file into tables and represent data in xml format. But is it possible to do the same for AL3 XML formatted data . If not possible then probable solution would be to convert it into normal XML file .
Please reply soon as I need to revert back.
PFB the sample AL3 file ,
2TRG201 40 3P CAUTO FMGBN ABC INS. ABC Insurance carrier 0001 0001 10009807161000
980222 PCH 00000000D 2TCG135 90050910709171092051921309302093310937205013252031
5BIS172 B10001 CABC Hardware 123456788 ??????????????????????????????CP
9BIS168 B10001 258 CHARLES STREET LUZERNE PA18709 ????????????????????????????
5BPI240 F100015BISB10001 BA 12345678 123456AUTOBVOL 98022299022201
19980222???00000115000+00000000000+Y??AAG?E??????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????
???AAG? 5FOR199 F200035BPIF10001 000CA9944 LOSS PAYABLE CLAUSE
931201???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? 5PAY101 F200015BPIF10001
BM??????????????00006??0200 ????????????????????????? 6BRT086 F200015BPIF10001 PA?????????????????????N00010001????
6CAS140 F200015BPIF10001 98022201 07 07 07 07 6SDV221 F200015BPIF10001
0001????CJohn Smith 12345698
PA0001???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????M??????????????19460823????6SDV221 F200025BPIF10001
0002????CPaula Jones 12345879
PA0002???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????F??????????????19471007????5SSG052 J100015BPIF10001 PA
5CAR233 R100015SSGJ10001 0001????1995LINCOL LINCOLN CONTINENT PPRC 1LNLM97V3FY673744 ??008 0022500+?
01?????????????? LUZERNE PA18709 ?????????????????????????????????????????????? 5AOI186 R200025CARR10001
010LP01NCFRANKLIN FIRST SAVINGS BANK AI??????????????NN ???????????????????????????????
9AOI168 R200025CARR10002 10 Elm Street Pittsburg PA123698 5FOR199 R200085CARR10001
910101???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? 6BVS199 R200015CARR10001
??????????N739130 ?????????
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????
??6CVC178 W100015CARR10001 CSL 00000047400+00300000
6CVC178 W100025CARR10001 UMISG00000000800+00300000 4
6CVC178 W100055CARR10001 COMP 00000012100+ 000100A
6CVC178 W100065CARR10001 COLL 00000046300+ 000250A
5CAR233 R100025SSGJ10001 0001????1996Mercedes Benz Sedan PPRC 12789848789756165 ??008 0022500+?
01?????????????? LUZERNE PA18709 ?????????????????????????????????????????????? 6BVS199
R200025CARR10002??????????N739130????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????
????????????????????????????????????????????????? 6CVC178 W100095CARR10002 CSL 00000047400+00300000
6CVC178 W100105CARR10002 UMISG00000000800+00300000 4
6CVC178 W100135CARR10002 COMP 00000012100+ 000100A
6CVC178 W100145CARR10002 COLL 00000046300+ 000250A

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
17 Sep 2014

As far as I know , there is not one for AL3. So the solution is to convert it to xml. There may few tools available.

Raja K Thaw
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