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28 Sep 2010
MonitorSQLCurrentStep on result set of MonitorSession

Hi all,

Hope all is well.

I wanted to know if we can pass each row of the syslib.MonitorSession(-1,'*',0) resultset to syslib.MonitorSQLCurrentStep so that I can get each session and its number of steps and its current active step.

Also I wanted to know if we can get this number of steps and current active step of a query running on the box along with the output of MonitorSession in some way by using any method like including MonitorSQLCurrentStep or any other method. This would really help out people without teradata manager. I tried to run some different combination of these queries using these two functions but of no use. I am thinking it is not possible to send one table function's (MonitorSession) result set as input to another table function (MonitorSQLCurrentStep) . Is that true? If so there a workaround?

enjoycoding 20 posts Joined 08/10
30 Sep 2010

Hi folks,

At least where can I get the source code of these functions. I checked normal udf source code folders /teradata/tdbs_udf on one of the node but its empty as no custom made udfs were compiled on the node till now. So please let me know where can i get the source code or any way to merge both above functions as mentioned in the above post.

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