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09 Sep 2014
Import from Teradata to Hadoop error

I am getting the following error while importing data from Teradata to Hadoop. Can anybody help please? File -url does not exist.
at org.apache.hadoop.util.GenericOptionsParser.validateFi les(
at org.apache.hadoop.util.GenericOptionsParser.processGen eralOptions(
at org.apache.hadoop.util.GenericOptionsParser.parseGener alOptions(
at org.apache.hadoop.util.GenericOptionsParser.<init>(Gen
at org.apache.hadoop.util.GenericOptionsParser.<init>(Gen
at 59)
at 79)
at com.teradata.hadoop.tool.TeradataImportTool.main(Terad
13/05/09 17:29:41 INFO tool.TeradataImportTool: job completed with exit code 10000
hadoop com.teradata.hadoop.tool.TeradataImportTool -libjars $LIB_JARS -url jdbc:teradata://myserver/database=mydb -username user -password password -jobtype hdfs -sourcetable example1_td -nummappers 1 -separator ',' -targetpaths /user/mapred/ex1_hdfs -method -splitbycolumn c1

sj186043 4 posts Joined 07/14
12 Sep 2014

Can anybody please help?
Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

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