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pasaron 1 post Joined 03/11
28 Mar 2011
How to convert coordinates between different "GeospatIal reference system" ?

I´m developing a GIS for a company and the coordinates are in UTM ED50(old standard in Europe) and and I need to turn to those used in Google maps ....... (WGS-84)

I've tried using the function:
ST_Transform (SRS_to.srtext, SRS_from.srtext)

SRS_to.srtext = WGS-84
SRS_from.srtext =UTM coordinates

but can not get the right result.....

Is it possible?

Thanks in avanced,

ywjcjj 36 posts Joined 06/08
18 Aug 2011

The st_transform format is as follow,

SELECT a.*, geom_col.ST_TRANSFORM(x.srtext, y.srtext) AS new_geom_col
FROM table a,
sysspatial.spatial_ref_sys x,
sysspatial.spatial_ref_sys y
WHERE x.auth_srid = 9823 -- to coordinate system
AND y.auth_srid = 4269 -- from coordinate system

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