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rolfz 2 posts Joined 11/12
03 Mar 2015
Hide the source code of a SQL UDF from users

I would like to define a SQL UDF that others can use, but without them being able to see the source code of the function. The documentation says that if a user has ANY privileges on a UDF (i.e. execution privileges), he or she has also the rights for SHOW FUNCTION. I there a way to take away those rights? Or do I have to define the UDF as a Java UDF if I do not want to expose the details of the implemented function.
Thanks for your help

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
03 Mar 2015

Hi Rolf,
afaik there's no way to hide the source of a SQL UDF (only SPs supports the NO SPL option).
And if it was possible, one could simply use it in a WHERE-condition and then Explain reveals the source code :-)


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