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RLee 2 posts Joined 10/09
07 Oct 2009
Download Geospatial UDFs

I hear you can download Geospatial UDFs into Teradata. How hard is it to setup and install?

Ritter 2 posts Joined 11/04
29 Oct 2009

Teradata has added geospatial features to its database. While these will be included as core features in Teradata 13.0, a geospatial package can be installed with TD 12.0, 6.2 and 6.1. Combined with the Teradata Express 12.0 database provides an excellent platform to begin using these new features.Check out this article by Mike Riordan on the Developer Exchange that helps guide you through the steps of installing the Teradata geospatial components to a Teradata Express 12.0 development environment.

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