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Kris_Kaza 3 posts Joined 08/10
03 Aug 2010
Data Migration from Oracle (Data Import)

Dear All

I have just registered to Teradata forum and very new. If my question is posted under wrong section sincere apologies.

In one of our current project data is extracted from 1200 source tables (Residing on Oracle 10G), data is extracted using Oracle Data_Pump + PLSQL into a dump file (.dmp or .exp) and imported into Oracle Target 1200 tables using Oracle PLSQL. Just an overnight CDC from source. No transformation of Data.

We do have intentions to move our Target across to Teradata. When this happens,

Question: Can Teradata utilities read contents from Oracle (.dmp or .exp) file which is binary format in import data to target tables residing on Teradata?

TDobiee 9 posts Joined 07/09
03 Aug 2010

Sorry, Kris, but Teradata can not read .dmp or .exp files. There is a toolkit available from Teradata that will migrate tables from Oracle to Teradata via TPT (teradata parallel transporter). It is called ora2td. Your Teradata rep can get it for you.

ariful 1 post Joined 08/10
21 Aug 2010

If the size of your Oracle Data is not too big, alternatively you can use open source ETL tool ( Kettle-Spoon ), its fast and easy, read from Oracle DB and write directly to Tearadata tables avoiding any intermediate stage.

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
03 Sep 2010


ETL tool can be a good option if possible in your case .... otherwise .... search for Data-Direct Connector and/or GoldenGate Data Connector .... they might also be used in your case.

Regards, MAC

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rahuldps 1 post Joined 09/10
28 Sep 2010

You can also import data from the oracle to teradata by using DATA STAGING...

With Regards

AshishPatil 24 posts Joined 05/12
29 May 2012

Hi everyone,

If we will use Ora2TD for data migration, will it create tables also on teradata platform? Or it will only load the data?

If not can anyone please suggest which tools we can use for data migration which will include creation of oracle tables on teradata database, creation of corresponding indexes and partitions, data type conversions and data loading.

Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.

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