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Arvind.Kanda 1 post Joined 11/10
10 Nov 2010
Converting Lat/Long values

How do I convert between different Geospatial coordinates? Is there a Teradata function that I can use?

For example, i have a coordinate of 24.3N 97.8W; How do I convert this to a regular lat/long value?

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
12 Nov 2010

In decimal degrees (as you seem to have) you just change:

N -> +
S -> -

E -> +
W -> -

In your example: 24.3N, 97.8W => +24.3, -97.8 (Somewhere in the Gulf of México, near the US border and Ciudad Victoria ;-) )

If you have Degrees, Minutes, Seconds you need to change to decimal first.




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