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14 Jan 2014
Classpath in Java Table UDF

Hi all,
I'm prototyping a Java table UDF and have worked my way through various issues using th TD 14.10 Express VM.
I have the UDF functioning, and returning some rows as I expect.
I now want to instantiate a class using Reflection, and have tried following the section describing how to set the JVM class path in the SQL External Routine Programming Manual.
All looks OK, but by using trace functions I can see the class is not found when I attempt to create it. I have the code running in a standalone class with the classpath specified on the command line, and  this works fine.
Is there a trick to getting this working that is not documented in the manual ?

kw 8 posts Joined 05/09
19 Jan 2014

Have been advised of a DR raleating to this :
DR 164479 Priority 2 -cp value in the JavaEnvFile variable of cufconfig does not have any effect.
Customer reported "cufconfig -cp flag does not take effect"
Fixed in : and
The TD 14.0 and TD14.10 VMs are unfortunately prior to this.
A workaround is mentioned - will try this later and report the results.

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