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adash-7422 33 posts Joined 01/09
18 Jan 2009
what is the sqlloader equivalent in Teradata

I just have one question.... do we have anything in Teradata that is equivalent to sqlloader in oracle?How can we extract data from files to a table in Teradata(excluding fastload and multiload).

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
19 Jan 2009

Teradata SQL assistant also allows you to load data from files to tables. but is a bad idea for a large amount of data. generally good for small samples / reference tables kind of scenarios.And then there's the bteq (again good for small data) and the TPT operators that mimick the performance and functionality of the heavy duty load utilities.

Alex23-7518 3 posts Joined 02/09
03 Feb 2009

Check out BTEQ import...

09 Feb 2009

one more option is TpumpTPump=====* Loads data to TeraData from aMainframe or Lan flat file* Processes INSERTS, UPDATES or DELETES* Tables are usually populated.* Can have Secondary Indexes and RI on tables.* Does not support MULTI-SET tables.* Locks at the row hash level * It uses time based checkpoints not count based.

adash-7422 33 posts Joined 01/09
12 Feb 2009

Hi Alex,Can you please let me know more on BTEQ import?

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