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ninnu 2 posts Joined 02/05
20 Sep 2006
UTY2806 Maximum retry limit (200) exceeded for transaction

Hi there, I am trying to load 800,000 accounts flat file into a table, but everytime i run the script, sometimes it loads to 200k and gives me the error "UTY2806 Maximum retry limit (200) exceeded for transaction"sometimes it loads to 700k and then give the above specified error.could somebody please help me with this.

leo.issac 184 posts Joined 07/06
25 Sep 2006

Here is the error description from manual. I hope this helps you understand what the situation.As mentioned below, can you please check for DBS errorsUTY2806 Maximum retry limit ''exceeded for transaction.Explanation: Tpump retries for certain CLI/DBSerrors. And, if the number of retries exceeds TLIMAXRETRY(which is 200) then Tpump Terminateswith the above error message.Generated By: TLISESSRemedy: Resubmit the job.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
25 Sep 2006

Not much detail here, but I'm guessing you have many rows in the table with the same PI value and/or the input file contains many records with the same PI value. Use of SERIALIZE ON may help, particularly in the latter case.

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