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23 Sep 2009
Tpump loader Error

I got the following Error while executing a Tpump loader script.**** 14:23:05 UTY3401 End of file was reached with an unbalanced number of quotes being found in the text.Please suggest if anyone is familiar with this type of error

27 Oct 2009

Hi,There may be 2 reasons why this may happen.1. The last line of your input file is corrupted or has some special characters (printable or nonprintable) in it.2. The last correct data line of your input file may have an unmatching number of quotes in it. It may happen due to UNICODE text if it is being supported in your loader job or simply because there is a fault with the data line you are trying to load.Please check the exact data line being loaded, take it seperately to another data file and try loading it with a seperate job. You will be able to locate/isolate the exact data line causing the issue and rectify the issue and then continue your loading.

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