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ozdemirufuk 1 post Joined 08/13
23 Jan 2014
Teradata TSM Extension for TSM tivbar library issue

The TSM has been configured, TARA server and TARA Server Gui has been configured, I can see all the databases from target Teradata.
Arcmain itself works (just to confirm all connection details , IP and previliges for arc_user capable to run a backup to filesystem as flat file).
tarattdsmc work with "query tsm" I can see node platform as Teradata within TSM
The backup via TARA GUI stays as connecting and doesn't change the status at all after that times out and fails. I am expecting at this stage tivbar library will handle the process and create stream to TSM Server. No TCP session  to Teradata or TSM at all.
More likely one of the component has software defect however I can not confirm.
I found that runarctiv.bat has an issue (based on document 2444-53K). Any suggestions
Thanks lot
Bar /Arc/TARA server is Suse linux x64 Enterprise 11. ( Most of the tools are

Luck 4 posts Joined 07/15
11 Jan 2016

Hello my friend.

I noticed that your post is old, need to know if you could set up and operate the teradata and TSM together?

If you managed to make it work in your company, you can help me set up?



Fabio Luck

Email -

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