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az_maverick 24 posts Joined 03/09
08 May 2009
Teradata SQL Assistant / Database Explorer Tree

Hello,I am using Teradata SQL Assistant to connect to a TD server.I was able to set up a DSN for the TD Server. However in the Db explorer pane , I am unable to view tables in the tables , thought I am able to query the DB.So if I run a query , I am able to view results... When I ask it for the list of tables , views from the List Tables toolbar , I am able to view the tables , views .. procedure..HOwever when I add a the DB, using Add database ... and expand the DB to view tables , it does not show me the tables ...I was wonderign if someone could help me with this problem.Thank you already ..:)Regards,az_maverick...

visakhcr 46 posts Joined 11/07
12 May 2009

Are you able to view everything using Teradata Administrator?


emilwu 72 posts Joined 12/07
12 May 2009

grant select on dbc.databases;grant select on dbc.columns(x)grant select on dbc.tables(x)

selectstar 1 post Joined 08/09
07 Aug 2009

I had the same problem. It was fixed when I recreated my ODBC using 32-bit ODBC Administrator. Clicked on "USER Dsn" tab -> Clicked on "Add" -> Selected "Teradata" -> Filled out your database and user information.. THis is the trick. Click on "Options" and make sure to check "No Help Database". When you open SQL Assistant the new ODBC will be available in the "Machine Data Source" tab.

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