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marcmc 112 posts Joined 12/05
04 Oct 2007
Teradata Software Limitations & shares

I wonder if any of you guys know whether Teradata have any plans to expand the 64kb limit on SQL Statements within a stored procedure.On another note. Does anyone think buying shares in Teradata is worthwhile.

sachinp17 53 posts Joined 11/06
21 Nov 2007

Hi, send a mail to Teradata support team regarding future enhanacements..Regds,sac

Daniel M Lark 3 posts Joined 01/08
25 Jan 2008

We recently upgraded from 32 bit, where were able to make a direct connection to a Teradata DW (NYS eMedNY) using the ODBC Teradata driver. we've just learned that teradata does not supply an odbc driver for hp unix, 64 bit with the RISC processors (our machine). Therefore we will not be able to connect directly to emedny with our new 64 bit version of informatica (ETL formats the Teradata to be stored in Oracle tables). until such time that a driver becomes available or we upgrade to new machine or processors. What are our options? The 'old' process was to sign on to the Teradata DW, execute SQL generated by the BI query tool, and save the output to a file on the deskstop or shared drive. The process took hours to complete. The direct connection, took minutes,

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