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purnacc 2 posts Joined 09/11
04 Jan 2012
Teradata Express bteq logon issue

I am playing with Teradata Express for VMware Player and unable to connect to db using bteq


  1. logon dbc/dbc
  2. dbc

****warning: you must logon before sending dbc/sql requres.

Thanks for your hlep.



RATHOD 8 posts Joined 04/15
09 Apr 2015

i have created a very simple BTEQ script Which looks like :
.logon tdpid/username,password; 
sel * from <tablename>
script was succesfully executed but,
i am getting return code=2
warning: you must logon before sending dbc/sql requests.
how to resolve this?

RATHOD 8 posts Joined 04/15
10 Apr 2015

can anyone help me please...

Anilnandala 16 posts Joined 03/14
14 Apr 2015



Error code 2 occurs only if

1.we are not included the login statement in the script

2.submitting a request after logoff statement


it seems second criteria applicable to you. i commentted the logon statement hence BTEQ exited with return code 2


BTEQ Wed Apr 15 01:34:09 2015 PID: 27807




--.logon tdpid/username,password;

sel * from t1_anil;



 *** Exiting BTEQ...

 *** RC (return code) = 2


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